The kinds of consultation services we have provided our international clients has included:

  • Child care center start up:
        Business plan review
        Space and design
        Equipment selection
        Curriculum models
        Staff job descriptions
        Policy/handbook development
        Budget development
        Director recruitment
  • Early care and education seminar planning and facilitation
  • Client recruitment
  • Facilitation of visits to early care and education programs in the U.S. 

Exemplary Projects:

Asahi Net International
This company is a part of Asahi Net, which is a major Internet service provider in Japan. Based out of NYC, Asahi Net International was established to promote Asahi Net’s cloud-based educational support services. Our work with them included consultation regarding potential clients in the U.S.; we successfully aligned them with several clients in the early care and education arena, as well as provided them with feedback on their service products in relation to the early care and education field.

Arabian Child
Based in Dubai, UAE, this organization works to raise the standards for early childhood education and care in the UAE. Over the course of two years, we consulted to them in a variety of areas, which included child care center start up, work with local Ministries, training implementation, director recruitment, and early care and education quality indicators. 

Poppins Corporation
The Poppins Corporation, located in Japan, is an early care and learning organization with multiple child care centers sites in Tokyo. Our work with them has centered around the development of an annual child care seminar called a Day of Learning for directors and staff, who travel to the United States to take part in this seminar. We have secured the location, prepared materials and hired guest speakers to provide presentations for two successful years, and are currently in our third year. Presenters have included well-known experts in the early care and child development field, and have presented on topics such as early brain development, the theory of multiple intelligence, and early learning practices.